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Ellen is a well-studied, accomplished and gifted painter. Painting has been her lifelong passion. Ellen welcomes commissions of all types from photographs and other artworks. She has copied the masters such as Vermeer’s “The Girl With the Pearl Earring”, Rembrandt’s self portrait, Winslow Homer’s “Moonlight-Wood Island Light”, Monet’s “The Promenade, Woman With a Parasol”, Peter Max’s “Vase of Flowers” and more, for which she has received rave reviews. She loves painting portraits, especially the faces of interesting people and places she has visited from her world travels. She is a board member of Women’s Painters West.

Ellen started her career in her highly successful ceramic tile painting business, through which she served clients all over the world for twenty-five years.   Thereafter, Ellen has focused her professional life primarily in oil painting and watercolor. She is particularly gifted by her ability to copy virtually anything, creating paintings that are more beautiful than the original photograph or artwork.

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Our Happy Clients!

"I was looking for a piece of art that would give our house a warmth of color. When Ellen's painting arrived, we were thrilled with how beautiful and detailed it was! Our friends and family always comment on it as it's the first thing you see when you walk through the front door."
Jennifer Brooks
"We love Ellen's work. She has done a number of paintings for our family, both originals and reproductions that color the walls of our house. Her technical painting ability is astounding and I love how she can bring a photo to life through paint! She should be charging far more than she does for her works, and once the word gets out, I imagine she will!"
Joanna Harris
"I have the pleasure of owning several of Ellen's amazing paintings. She is able to capture emotion with the elegance of the masters, expressed in her individual style. I am certain that her paintings in my collection will dramatically increase in value over a short period of time and will become some of the best investments I will ever make.
William Reynolds